Red Female 2- Sorry I'm Adopted
Color changing example- pup at 6 wks & 10 wks

      They all brighten up and usually lose black muzzles

Tricolor Female- Sorry I'm Adopted
American & Canadian Champion Bloodlines
OFA Normal Patella & Heart   
Tricolor Wooly Female- Sorry I'm Adopted

 Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale- Updated 3/20/2021

   ​We're expecting new Shiba Int puppies to arrive soon!  Please check back or sign up for our email list to be notified of updates. We never know what we'll have for gender/color until they arrive on future puppies.  Our pet pricing require spay/neuter.  We aren't taking deposits at this time but will notify our email list with changes.  You may sign up for that on our contact page. Thank you!

 Full breeding rights is $5000 to approved breeders only.

Local pickup only- shipping is not available at this time. 

We have pickup options available for you. We can meet you at the FSD [Sioux Falls SD] airport [flying customers only].  If you're within a reasonable driving distance from us, we can meet you at either Sanborn MN, Granite Falls MN, Worthington MN, Brookings SD or Sioux Falls SD for no charge to save you a couple hours of driving. 

Our shibas are known for their strong bloodlines, beauty and great temperaments! 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! Make sure to sign up for our email list on our contact page. 

Thank you~ God bless your day!


International & American Champion Bloodlines
OFA Normal Patella & Heart 
Cream Female 1- Sorry I'm Adopted
Haru Lou- A Buffalo Ridge Pup All Grown Up- Not for Sale
Tricolor Female 3- Sorry I'm Adopted
Tricolor Female 2- Sorry I'm Adopted
Puppy Tips

Nicknames are for our ID purposes. You're free to rename them any name you wish! 

Puppies look a lot bigger than they actually are, picture size is deceiving.  The average 8-9 week old puppy leaves here around 5 lbs.

Red puppies start out very dark in color and change as they get older.  Please don't judge the reds by their coloring as they will be changing.  You can expect our puppies to resemble our adult coloring when older.  Creams & Black/tans pretty much stay the same coloring as when pups except the black/tans white markings always sharpen up with age.​​

Muzzle darkness also lightens or disappears with time and all ears eventually stand.

Buffalo Ridge Shibas

Shiba Inu Puppies for Sale