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Like us humans, our furry friends can't possibly get enough vitamins and minerals from food alone for best health.  We feed and supplement our dogs with natural, whole food Life's Abundance products and have had great results doing so!  

Our Shiba puppies are currently eating Life's Abundance All Life's Stages dog food.  This is a fantastic, natural, whole food for Shibas. It's highly recommended to keep them on their same food for least digestive stress so we do require at least one large or x-large bag of Life's Abundance to be purchased for them before transfer.  Switching foods is very hard on young pups. To qualify for our extended health warranty a monthly purchase of the large/x-large dog food and supplements will be required. You can learn more about Life's Abundance products with the link below.  We also recommend their treats!  The Buffalo Bully sticks are always a big hit. We feel you will be very pleased with the quality of Life's Abundance products!

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